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    daninhbg - who made you the forum policeman. What do you actually get out of "supporting" the contri the way that you do. With all your talk about the bashers never having submitted pics...why not showcase us your contri? Where are the women that you photograph? I have photographed many women who's pics would dissolve this forum but the models have declined permission to post. So why don't you crawl back into your pighole. and shut the hell up?!
    Decent pics. Nice one of your twat, good job truly given that you are the fattest twat on this site
    Hi to you, Lulu. Very nice. So sexy and natural; keep posting. You're a good boner-builder!
    she's so hot. I love her pics. I'd like to talk and send some pics for her if she's into it and eyeing her aficionados.
    ti riempirei di schiaffi fica e capezzoli troia
    Love both of your posts. Very hot! Thanks for sharing.
    Your hot! I get so exhilarated looking at you! I would love to see more of your beautiful large lips! and more of you on your knees with those lips looking at me! Love the apparels with the holes! thanks doll!
    love that pubic hair
    I love your friends...Keep displaying them, peculiarly her. Thanks
    very nice love that meaty little bald vagina fred.bear72@hotmail.com
    No Cecil B. DeMille with the camera on this contri. Used a lot of imagination as to the deepthroat jobs and muff diviing. Gave it zero.
    Why would some bimbo (YOU) even submit crap like this. Family photos are not adequate for this site. Don't you sense just a bit stupid.
    Thanks for a wonderful Christmas introduce :)
    How did you get her to go along with all that 3some stuff? My wifey told me if it wasnt in the vows we aint doing it. Nice tits honey
    We're a married duo of 33 (me) and 37 (hubby), both sleek smoothly-shaven and ultra-cute.
    Beautiful butt!
    and make mine a dual.
    someone 9:43am: What church do you go to??
    i came. was it good for you too? :-]
    That is one peach of a assey. Good tits too I would love to fuck her
    world class tits
    Matt (UK)
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    That is looking soooo good. Labia is sweet and so very sleek. Love it.
    Wow! Sensitized like a poracelian doll! Looks like she might break if U touch her. Superb!
    WONDERFUL bush!!!
    Beautiful. I dont like chicks. I like women. Superb to see one. Please be in Tennessee
    Damn, this is perfect!
    I'm sure there is a beautiful labia in there somewhere. Trim it some at least a little and lets see those yummy lips.
    So Sweet and Tasty Thanks ;)
    please post more or send your
    Good, you caught it, I'll let the farmer know he can have his hog back.
    You are welcome Hilary. You are so sexy. dave_fun@hotmail.com
    I'd love to have some of that.
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    Nudist crawler *** . . This will probably be the last of Suzi. The reason is that I blindfolded her and she did not know that I 'd the videocamera. She could have imagined something because she hasn't gone for the blindfolded thing again. Kate, I know you are searching for more variety, however there is just so much you can do when each limb is tied to each of the four corners of the bed. So I'm sending you the stuff from an interesting portion of the mp4 to finish off the series. I do have some very nice pictures of some earlier girlfriends if there is a interest. I'd like to know.
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