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  • Nudists flabby
    supreme pics, love your beautiful gigantic tits, wish i could perceive the weight of each one as i squeeze,suck and tounge taunt every inch!
    Well, you have affected me. . have a superb figure honey......very feminine.......thanks for sharing it any more pics of you, FANTASTIC! You are 100% ultra-cutie Cuuuuuuuuum!
    I like Candy! Can I eat candy? Love them tits and that bum is awesome.
    Is this what is meant by the term "slash and burn"?
    Compliments you have indeed a beautiful figure.
    If want can also enroll in mine that is visible all over the world!!!!
    My foot didn't stink at all while in splint or boot and also didn't get moist at all, I would say it was cold all the time and hairy of course, as I couldn't wash it at all. Anyway, I went to work Five days post op (I work in an international transports company so I'm sitting on a tabouret usually), but I always had my foot elevated. Elevation is pretty significant I guess, because that part of the gam isn't truly well blood-circulated and of course, when you are standing it swells a lot and perceives clumsy. My doc advised elevation at all times. I embarked PT Two and a half months after op and I say it hurts. I didn't sense any agony at all during these months except from same night after op, and now PTs are killing me. Physio must open up the tendon and work on ROM so he pus
    Beautiful girl! LOVE the last pic!!!
    not nice, stop post please
    kavla h kolara sou ...deixe kai ta oipolipa mwro mou...
    you are very very sexy and exciting! i'm crazy for your hairless pussy!
    BORING pictures!
    That is exatly what I dreamed to see ! You have a beautiful slit and a gorgeous bootie ..
    beautiful woman, scrumptious breasts. more, please.
    superb world-class muffin!
    please write me: we can trade some pics......I adore your fantastic body!!! I would like to tell you my fantasies about your hot assets.
    They are wonderful!
    And "Gay-sirs" has to chip in with his 2-cents . . . while hoping you'll neglect the fact that he's just another one of the people bashing women here who has never posted pictures. He then attempts to make the old and tired "freedom of speech" argument--a belief debunked by two facts: 1) freedom of speech doesn't apply in a privately-owned website; and 2) if the webmasters sensed it was okay for you to say whatever you dreamed, THEY WOULDN'T HAVE INCLUDED THE FLAG OPTIONS ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN!!! Face it, "Gay-sirs," you and all like you are simply p@thetic.
    Dear Freckles,
    Nice figure.
    Beautiful and very sexy ..
    Hi, I Beta their certainly big areolas and would indeed LOVE to see a lacey brassiere pict with your "beauts" in the cups,please?you look like at least a DD cupper to me??
    If anyone ever wonders how to tell inbetween faux and real tits, wonder no more. A for me, give me the natural ones any day, even petite ones.
    Wish I could vote Superb again. An amazing contribution.
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    Nudists flabby *** . . Hi everyone Sorry its been a while since our last posting, but we met some great new friends (Hi Muffin ;-) through naturist and have been busy getting to know them via our new webcam! A few of you guys asked for some shots of me in thigh highs, I'd like to know what you think. Reading all of your foul opinions about how youd use my mouth and vagina adds a genuinely amazing new turn to sex, I select the best ones and whisper them in my hubbys ear as hes fucking me!! Adore Leggs & Co UK
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