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    I just wish I knew where and when your next motel was going to be.
    hot , sexy , more pics love
    lol in the States we have to run from the police when NIP lol : )
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    Good work, man.
    Evening Mary, that's a question I have never indeed asked myself or hubby. We are very committed to each other. I do know that both hubby and I have truly added spice to our relationship by posting and reading the comments. I think that if I gave hubby permission to be with another he may. I can say this hubby and I find you very titillating. Hubby said of course he would have fun with your feet, just as lengthy as you let him take his time when he's going down on you lol! I'm guessing that either you took some pics lol or you asked hubby to spunk on your breasts!
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    Question: How tall are you?
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    Please do not hesitate
    Flawless bod.
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    That was a sexy vid. Can wait to see more.
    Sexy Undergarments ;-)
    Is that Kelly Osbourne?
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    Desired to know if you do Pic request and if you would like to Converse. Philly Dude
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    Your camera work is lousy the shots not good boooooooorrring
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    Asshole nudist *** . . Ruthie's Tied Up - Hi guys! here's some pics Jim took at a members house. I've never done these Kind of pics before so I really hope you guys like them cuz I had fun doing them. I really like reading all of your opinions and I always react to as many as possible. You may also touch base with me at my site. Simply get on my free message board and leave me a message we've plenty of fun there too as you'll see. I assure you always have the option to get in touch with me there.
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