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  • Family nudism
    Very nice in the milky sundress, the squat was a little unusual but i vote....Suberb
    hi anne....very beautiful....luv ur smile....and the boobs...and the ass......and......more pls...e mail me....close ups of pink lips...spread broad open...
    Mmm ty drlong send me a pic
    You said she likes to click nude photographs of with that in mind....are you gonna post any?
    she looks beautiful with that fuckpole in her mouth. let her do herself in her honeypot while you do her mouth. make sure to suck your stream on her tits, then take some pictures. she would look so hot with jism on her tits.
    Sexy woman, but it doesn't look like ice hockey weather.
    would so love to splatter a hot fountain of jism over those glasses
    They do look sensative! Wish i was her neighbor! You think she might come on here and converse or she just leave the pic posting up to you?
    Love the flower - what a flawless way to display it!
    good tits
    how come no one is bitching about HIS tattoos?
    She is HOTT !!!
    I'm waiting for your's............
    Glad Sarah wasn't behind you this time. Fuck her hard man.
    Very good.
    just delightful
    Very, very nice
    This didn't qualify for P/S!
    I am in love with her over and over again...
    love the pubic hair
    Eight identical pictures. Guess how I voted?
    I love women who stay fit, and she is a stunning lithe beauty, with an amazingly well shaped backside. SMALLER Jugged WOMEN ROCK!!!!
    She looks BEAUTIFUL, and she has a assets to die for, and some of the best looking tits that we have ever seen on the Naturist site. The wifey and i voted superb and would love to see more so PLEASE KEEP THEM COMEING.
    Thanks, and congratulations for your incredible assets.
    Chick, you look maarvelous. (Not to mention delicious)
    good enough to submit again? hell yes.....
    and it looks like we're going to see his same cut & paste comment on every post here today.
    more of you anyday, LOVE THE NATURAL LOOK, MORE PLEASE?????????????//
    cover those with man juice
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    Family nudism *** . . Justine and I were horrified when we heard EiP might close down, because of lack of contrib?s. So Justine pulled me out of the door so we could try to help revive the EiP. Its our first swing at EiP, and also the images are taken at some pretty public places. As always will Justine be taking a look at every opinion personally and I wager she will get me to pull out the emails so she is able to send a personal answer, so if u want that leave a remark with mailaddi:o) Hugz Justine and Hubby
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