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  • Young male nudist
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    Thanks very much guys for all your comments and thoughts.
    do you think you could hide your identity a little more unobtrusively?
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    superb!! a sexy woman with an angelic face so so so hard to find , and I love those flappy lips :)
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    Young male nudist *** . . Simply messing around using the fisheye lens. Place on the fisheye and had to zoom in to get a transparent pic of my eye in the mirror. Took some digitals of my wife and cut and glued inside my eye using Paint Shop Pro. I failed to edit her pics though and hope you enjoy. I layered her pic under a person's eye and corrected the transperancy around the very best layer. She posted once a long time past and her bum made the Hall Of Fame to the very first hall of fame page when the format was altered. Her ass has aged a couple years and hope it still seems good to everyone. Set the pics where they go please. I expect there's not to much punani showing for Private Shots but I'm not sure exactly what the appropriate type is.
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