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The grounds overall are beautiful and very nature-oriented. Next to the temple is I was on a naked sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years , a bit thin at this season, but still had some vegetation. Now it had warmed up a bit, and I took a second to appreciate the sun. I was dressed because garments are required for yoga and because it wasn’t that warm. I am uncertain why they do not offer naked yoga at a spot like this. Clothes are required for most of the indoor areas, but technically everywhere else is clothing-optional. However they seem to want to deter nudity beyond the pool area. On their site they state that Harbin is not a naturist organization, and that nudity is merely the norm around the pools and sundecks. For winter, nudity is definitely confined to the pool area, but I can’t speak for the warmer seasons. And folks appear to like the alternative because I don’t remember seeing any swimsuitst.
As far as the people, there were all kinds and all ages, with a considerable variety of young adults and 20-somethings. They let children, but there were very few. There had to be at least 100 other folks there, and the main areas were constantly buzzing with activity. We met some interesting, nice folks.
While I did yoga, Jordan went to the pools as well as sunbathed on one of the sundecks. There My wife finally consented to give was strong enough to be bare outside and even warrant some sunscreen! These decks look out on the grounds, and at night you may also lay out your sleeping bag and sleep there. So far as the pools, there was definitely a different vibe during the day. Clearly it’s somewhat tougher to attempt sexy time in broad daylight. Still, I stayed away from that warm pool.
Hiking trail overlook at Harbin Unclothed Hot SpringsPart 4 of My Naturist Blog Series: The Hunt For the Uncommon Isle Nudist-Fowl
For my previous naturist blog storylines, see Part 1 Least Likely To Become Nudist, Part 2 Boobs Boobs Everywhere and Component 3 Home Naturist Held Captive.
One good thing about being locked in my house, besides being naked all day, was having to find ways to entertain myself. My first computer was a Commodore AMIGA 500, which had no hard drive, no modem and just five-hundred kilobytes (that is KILO, not MEGA) of RAM.
I used it for word processing and drawing naked men. Anyone seeing my artwork would have supposed I was gay, but despite genuine efforts, I just couldn’t draw women. My latest hero was a Greek demigod, Dynotus, who went through four ring-binders of exotic properties, exotic women, and fighting exotic monsters with his genitals unsheathed.

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As a alone, deeply repressed child, it was simple to project myself into a character free of inhibition and my mother’s OCD, and the clothing I discovered so confining. Little could I imagine the real life adventures I would after embark upon.
Trying To Find The Nudist Fowl

Hello to all, this is my first post on this particular forum and it comes after my first visit to a clothing optional resort.

My first naked outside encounter occurred when I was probably 10. My cousins dared me to run around our grandma’s house naked. I took the dare and loved it. I have looked for opportunities to be nude outside ever since. Yet, being raised in a conservative family and now married to an excellent woman who was also raised conservatively I haven’t had many opportunities.
I am naked around the home as much as really possible, but that is becoming limited nowadays as our daughter is getting old and our conservative breeding and ideas of modesty are causing me to be clothed more around her. The cover up was causing me to go a little crazy though, I needed to be nude somewhere. I was doing stupid things, going nude in areas that if I was caught I could get in trouble.
I had two main concerns going in, one of which had been comforted by reading other posts on this particular forum. I was afraid of acquiring an erection. Didn’t occur, not even close. My other concern, and guys you’ll value this, was that after swimming, exercise, or simply being nervous my penis and testicles shrivel up and I feel like I look as a five year old. I was afraid that the anxiousness connected with my first encounter being nude publicly would cause this to occur and I would be self concious about perceived size. A quick test of the specific situation about five full minutes before I arrived supported that panic. I was nervous and so were the lads. Yet, after a quick tour with the owner and checking in for the day I was feeling relaxed. Less worried about a first experience and much more delighted with the chance to do something that I knew I needed to do. And I am happy to report the boys were hanging loose, so panic number two turned out to be a non factor.
As for the visit itself, it was so so. There was not much going on at the time. There were probably 30 to 40 individuals round the pool and that was it.

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No one was in the hostel or hot tub, or so the pool and lounge deck where the sole alternatives for socializing.
All in all is was a great encounter. Like most who post about their first time, my nervousness was gone very quickly. Now I just need to convince my wife that it is recommended for her to attempt it.

How I found the marvels of nudist lifestyle

I chose to share my first experience with nudism for a quite simple reason. I’m certain that there are many girls and women who feel like I felt and who are not completely sure whether nudism is something for them. I’m here to tell you that it’s among the best things on earth and that everyone should at least give it a go. But, let’s begin from the beginning.
I was raised in a tiny English town with parents who loved me and still adore me but who were raised very traditionally and who approached my upbringing with the same strict approach that they were given. They consistently stated that it did them no damage and that it makes up for a normal person once he or she grows up. I had the misfortune (or, more exactly a fortune), of becoming best friends with a girl called Daphne very early in my life. Now Daphne grew up in a fairly liberal family and I envied her. Whereas she went with her girlfriends on holidays, I had to go with my parents, or at least up until I turned 18. This was the very first time I went abroad without them and I went with Daphne.
We went to Croatia, a small country in the Mediterranean where it still feels like it’s not spoiled by mass tourism. It absolutely was Daphne’s idea and it was not until we got on the plane that she revealed her plans. I had no notion that Daphne was into this and as it turned out she was not. It was her very first time as well. She simply thought it would be a fun idea. It simply goes without saying that I was mortified, but the awareness of freedom of going to seaside without my parents was intoxicating and I went along.
We made it to the camp late in the evening and we went to sleep straight away. The next morning, we were awakened by the scorching summer light and by wonderful smells of the Mediterranean. We decided to be somewhat less daring when we went to the reception and they told us that they’ve their very own beach. We decided to get it over with instantly and we took off our clothes and did it. This is how the day that changed my life started.
When we got to the seashore, it was full of nude people old, young, married, couples, children, you name it, they were there. I was so scared that everybody will be looking at me that I nearly fainted. But I understood that no one cared. Everyone was going about their particular company and we put our towels down to sunbathe. as soon as I lay down, I discovered the first reason why nudists do it. The feeling of warm sun all over your body, on your breasts and down lower was of the very extraordinary things I have ever felt. I am nearly ashamed that I began getting aroused the instant I sensed the warm sun on my vagina, it was as in the event the sun was caressing me and touching me in all the proper areas.
Afterward, we went for a swim and that was when I found the second reason why nudists do it. The cool water, after all the warmth of the sun was just insanely pleasurable. I felt my nipples hardening in issue of zeptoseconds and this abrupt change of temperature almost gave me an orgasm. The single thing better than that was when we got out of the clearest water I’ve ever seen, back below the sun. The slowly warming up of my entire body was completely new to me, without the wet bikini clinging eternally. It was incredible. I really believe that if I’ve touched my clit, I’d have come in a second. I managed to hold back, at least until we got back to our room.
It was literally the very best day of my own life.

I’d needed for quite a while to really go to a nude beach

and finally made it about 7 years ago. We had been to topless beaches in Australia and I enjoyed seeing my wife expose her breasts. Although she was reluctant initially, she soon got used to it and liked going topless.
I often have nightmares where I am totally naked in some public place and trying to conceal myself. I liked to really go to a nude beach because I thought it’d be interesting to see my wife naked in public and so we could see other nude people.
In 2001 we toured Florida and stayed for several nights in a motel in north Miami Beach. We soon learned there was a bare section of shore within walking distance so we went the next day. I thought my wife would just go topless so I was somewhat surprised when she ******** totally bare. I did too, and was equally surprised that I loved it. My wife was a little shy and never left our blanket, but after a while I went for a walk, and didnt feel self conscious.
There were way more men than girls at the beach so my wife had more to look at than I. Many of the men were gay so they probably didnt get a fee from looking at my wife, but there were many male/female couples as well. Of course I enjoyed looking at the women, but I believe my highlight was when I made using a woman who had been looking at me. That is great for the ego!
I simply place a photo of me on that beach in a private record that just my EP friends can see. Right now I have only one friend on EP; will this get me more?

A couple of years ago on a hot July day I decided to bypass a day off work and go as a day visitor to a nudist club near to where I was working.

I told her she was right and directed her to where she needed to go and enroll. I went in to the club and settled myself down to enjoy the day. Not long after this young lady walked past and we began to chat. Shortening the storyline a little she brought her towel etc and sat beside me. We had a great time chatting away on all things nudist with more than one break to relish the wonderful pool for a cool down.

Late into the afternoon or maybe early evening I determined that I was going to pack up and head for home. I said that I was intending to leave but within half an hour I would be walking naked through the forest. It had become a regular thing with me that on my way home from work or the gym I’d stop off at this forest and take a walk in the nude. I kept a pair of shorts wit me to cover up if I met anybody which I had done more than once. On hearing that I would be taking a forest walk naked she said that she would like to join me but she wasn’t planning to leave till late evening when the heat had subsided as she did not have a/c in her automobile. I told her that if she rearly desired to get a nude forest walk I’d drive her there and back in my car that has a/c. At this she taken, picked up her handbag along with a very small sarong and walked to the exit.
We both got into the car nude and drove for about 40 minutes to the forest passing through a small town, stopping at traffic lights the works. Nobody discovered we were both bare. At the forest we parked up near another car, not in the standard car park. We got out of the automobile and walked off up this trail into the forest. She had her little sarong and I had my shorts for cover should we require it. He’d definatly seen that we were nude so I said that there was not point in hiding or for that matter covering up so we did not. We chatted to the chap for several minutes and he walked back with us to where we and he had parked our cars.
There was a third car parked with us and while we were chatting standing by our automobiles we seen a couple near of the path heading our way. Must be the couple from the 3rd car. We continued chatting to this chap Kath, the lady, and I nude the chap still dressed when out of the corner of my eye I spotted that this other couple were considerably closer and that they were both bare. When they got up to us they told us that they’d really been in the woods nude sunbathing most of the day and when they seen us both nude decided to continue there naked time.
The other couple chose to drive home naked as well.
So all in all I drove for over two hours nude that day. It was brilliant.

I wish I could say that I grew up in a naturist household, spending my summer holidays running round naked

in the sun.

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But cant. I was raised in the East Midlands in the united kingdom in the 1970s (I was born in 1968), with a totally ordinary youth. I only ever saw my parents nude once or twice, and I dont believe theyve seen me naked since I was about 10.
So, I grew up with all of the ordinary British reservations about showing my body in public. I believe that my first exposure to naturism came on holiday in the south of France with my parents when I was (I believe) about 17 – my last vacation with them before I became a student and then left house. We stayed near Port Grimaud, and one day I made a decision to see what was on the different side of a big stony breakwater. Imagine my surprise when I saw a beach full of nude folks! Id like to say that I went and stripped off and joined them, but I didnt. Remember, this was a time when I didnt even need my parents to see me without a shirt on!
Just keep in mind that Playboy is a top shelf magazine!). It was interesting to find a magazine full of of what I came to think of as normal people doing normal things not models who seem to be auditioning for a gynaecological textbook. Currently, I also started to spend time around the house nude when everyone else was out, but this was more from the illegal thrill perspective. However, my opinion started to change, and I found that I actually appreciated being nude, and envied people who could go on naturist holidays. I did manage some days sunbathing nude in the back garden in an exceedingly rare time when my parents were on holiday and my brother was still away at college in a different town.
And that was it for several years. On the Saturday we went to their local beach for a walk, and my buddy warned us that there was a nudist section. It absolutely was Studland Bay, somewhere I had heard of in H&E (which I had long stopped purchasing, largely because I had moved in with my girlfriend). So there I was, walking along Studland, encircled by nudists, but I didnt dare do anything.
She was fairly amazed, but agreed on the understanding that she didnt have to. I truly appreciated it, much to her bemusement. I even swam nude in the sea, which was just superb (if a little cool).
Over the next few years, my girlfriend indulged me and we seen Studland once or two times a year and I also stripped off once or twice on a beach in France, but that was pretty much it. For the last 3-4 years yet, we’ve been on holiday in French cottages, and weve always managed to be distant enough for me (and sometimes my girlfriend) to strip off by the pool. During the last couple of years, I’ve been doing a series of photography classes (Im a very keen amateur), and the last one, in 2003, was social documentary. I struggled for quite a while to think of a matter, and from somewhere deep down I came up with the notion of doing something on naturism. I hunted round the web and discovered a club in Marlborough (which is about 50 miles from Bristol where I now dwell) who astonishingly enough were agreeable for me to shoot some photographs and invited me to come along and see them even though I ‘d be on my own as my girlfriend wouldn’t be joining me.
So, I somewhat nervously went to see them so they could meet me and I could see what the photographic chances were.
There were some delays in receiving permission from the sports centre they use, and in the end they said no. By this time, I had been 2 or 3 times and was getting to enjoy it. Thus, even though my project was killed off before I had shot any images, the team asked me if I liked to join, and I did. I now go along once per month or so, and love it. The main problem is that the club meets on Saturday evenings, and I feel guilty about leaving my girlfriend on her own at home when I go.
More lately, I’ve been starting to consider making contact with one of the clubs not too far from Bristol one that has its own land so I could maybe have someplace outdoors to visit frequently.

Last week I took advantage of the lovely

While Spanish Banks is cloth, Acadia Beach is formally signed as clothes-optional. I’d usually go some distance along Acadia Beach to strip off, but it looked to me like I had the beach to myself so I took off my clothing just past the hint and sat down nude on a log to read my book.

About 20 minutes later, a young man and woman inside their late teens taking click came out of the beach trail within feet of where I was sitting. I have discovered previously from nude hiking that when you are naked and encounter clothed persons, the best strategy would be to act as if nudity is the most natural thing in the world (which it really is!)

It seems they’d not been down to the nude beach before, and thought they were at the more well known Wreck Beach end. They’d passed the “Shore Ahead is Garments Discretionary” hint and approached me to ask where the nude beach began. I pointed out that I was naked if that was any help, and that statement of the “barely apparent” resulted in a few laughs.

I answered all their questions and did not feel at all strange that I was sitting naked talking with two clothed young men I had never met before.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls

As I say, they seemed nervous, but I don’t think it had much to do with my nudity.

They’d, in fact, come down for the first time to relish the beach together and had expected to find a place off by themselves for their “first time”.

They set off with their backpack and I saw them cease where I proposed and wave back at me. They young man took off his shorts almost immediately (leaving his t shirt on for some reason), while his girlfriend stayed clothed for some time. But soon after that, I saw the two of them walking hand in hand out on the sandbar, naked except for flip-flops and hats.

I like to believe that by acting issue-of-factly about being bare when they approached me, not trying to cover up, etc., that I made them feel a little more comfortable about their first naturist experience together. And after all, isn’t that what got us all “hooked” in the first place? ?