My father tells me I ‘ve a custom of following the path less travelled, and so it was with becoming a nudist.

When I was sixteen one of my partners, Tony, suggested we go and take a look at the local nude beach. Not having seen a real live nude woman before I immediately agreed and we set off.
I was not comfortable with this and said we should go down onto the beach and sit in the crowd.
Walking home Tony asked, What do you really believe makes people would like to go bare on a beach?
I said I wasnt sure, however there must be something to it otherwise why would there be so many people on an out of the way beach. Nevertheless, in the back part of my mind was a notion that perhaps I’d like to try, but would I have the nerve.
The idea continued to grow and like most novices I began sleeping nude when possible, and questioning round the house nude when the chance arose. This had me becoming more comfortable naked, but the thought had grown to a desire to try the nude beach.
So, six weeks after my first visit I was back at the seashore discovered that I ‘d be naked in the sun. I laid out my towel, took off my shirt and shorts, but couldn’t go any further. I could not tell myself to take off my Speedos so I sat there hoping for inspiration.
Over an hour later I still had not progressed, when three girls, just several years older than me, laid out their towels next to me and seconds later were naked. After a couple of minutes, one of the girls turned to me and said, This a nude beach only the perverts sit down here in their Speedos.
Im sorry, I said.
There’s probably a 120 manhood on this shore, why would yours be special. If you’re not going to be bare you probably shouldnt be here.
Her friends where nodding in approval, so I got up and went for a swim hopeful of finding nerve to drop my swimmers. It didnt come I packed up my stuff and headed home.
After that afternoon my girlfriend, Anna, asked me where I was during the day. I told her roughly where I ‘d been when she asked, Have you been down there with Tony perving on the nude girls again?
No, I was looking for out what it’s like being nude on the beach?
What? Were you down there naked? she asked.
No, I not could convince myself to lose my trousers.
Well, maybe we can try again tomorrow, she said.
Tomorrow morning you, and I, visit the beach and strive for an all over tan. Perhaps if you have are going to be a courageous lad.
So the next morning the two of us walked round the pathway to the beach, as with each step the butterflies grew in my stomach. We climbed down onto the shore and took up position close to the center in the high tide mark.
With the 20 or so nude folks, it suddenly seemed quite crowded.
Are you really going to take those away? she said.
Im going wait awhile, Im somewhat unsure at the moment.
OK, we can lie here and discuss.
Anna then laid face down and we chatted about all the things teenagers ramble over, discussing who of our buddies were likely to become couples, which couples were breaking up and our strategies for the rest of the summer holidays.
Anna subsequently requested me to undo the ties of her bikini top and also the dialogue continued as it had before. Shortly after she lifted onto her elbows revealing the profile of a lightly tanned breast, although the tan lines of her bikini stood in comparison.
We continued talking and individuals continued to file on the seashore, and a real crowd was starting to form. There were also a substantial number of yachts and motor boats taking up moorings in the bay. Some of these boats had only one guy on board, while others had entire families on board, including some with kids the same age as Anna and I. The common theme was that almost all on board were nude.
Anna suggested a swim and leapt to her feet leaving her bikini top lying on the towel. I must have shown my surprise, as she caught my hand and said, Come on slow poke, get into the water.
Peter, have you discovered we’re the sole two folks on the shore wearing costumes? she said.
Yes, but
Why dont we take them away in the water and swim around for a while and see how we feel?
Yes, but
There clearly was no argument Anna had her bikini bottom off in one movement and was subsequently tugging at the side of my swimmers.
Its OK I may do this myself. So I did and for the first time, since I was two years old, I was naked in public.
We frolicked in the water, shoving each other under, hanging off the anchor lines of the moored boats, and diving for the underside. The water was cool, as it always is in the weeks before Christmas but the heat of the day more than made up for the small chill getting in. Visibility under water, without mask and snorkel, was realistic, but only extremely clear enough to see where stone and sand joined, we couldn’t see any detail for example fish and coral that would have been evident with some gear.
While swimming, I had hung our swimmers around my neck, so they didn’t accidentally evaporate, and we consistently remained in at least waist depth water. Anna appeared entirely at ease in the water, flashing her bottom every time she glided underwater. I wasn’t that comfortable, but the veil of water supplied some security. Finally we determined it was time to get out.
I towelled off, and re laid my towel to lie in the sun. Anna simply dropped down on her towel, rung the water from her long blonde hair, and laid back.
Are you comfy? I mean, topless in front of all these people, I mumbled.
Yeah, why?
No, not at all. Simply asking, thats all.
Well relax a little, topless on a nude beach is no big deal. Its not like keeping your swimmers on would be.
Not just yet.
Can you get my water bottle out and hair brush out of my beach tote? she asked.
I needed to stand to get her things out and when I’d found the drink bottle, I turned to discover Anna stealing from her bikini and stretching out on her beach towel.
Are you comfy? I mean, naked in front of all these folks, I said.
Yeah, why? Is it a problem?
No, not at all. Merely inquiring, thats all.
Well relax a little, bare on a nude beach is no big deal.
I looked up, I looked down, I looked all around, and I was the only person on the beach which wasn’t naked. What where my alternatives I given Anna her drink, sat down, slipped off my costume and immediately rolled onto my stomach.
Anna giggled and I said Whats amusing Im naked arent I.
Yes, but Ive never seen anyone with this kind of white bum!
Then I noticed the region that had been covered by Annas bikini bottom was the same light tan as her breasts, as well as the penny finally dropped.
Youve been here before havent you!
Yes, with Mum, Dad and my sister many times, but I wouldnt come here on my own.
So you have an all over tan?

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Yeh we tend to not worry much about clothes round the home or around the pool.
So your family would be nudists then?
Yes, they’re and so are you now!
And I’ve been ever since.

I remember as an early adolescent going to the creek close to where I was.

residing and wading in the creek with only shorts and shoes on. This occurred often during the summer before the creek would dry up. Some years it did run year round. After that on occassion I’d strip and revel in wading and swimming in the creek. Didn’t do much in my later teen years. I still loved being naked and slept bare some of the time, but not substantially outside nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a friend on a road trip. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out round the fire nude. Was a very interesting experience.
But I did go camping with once I was about 35 and we found a little time to be naked together outside, mainly for some sexual play and I found I loved remaining nude after we’d played around. I had a couple showers during this trip only standing outside in the sun and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me off. It was fantastic. After this, when I went for hikes in the mountains and was alone, I would strip down and do some freehiking.
My transfomation to social nudity was going to hot springs when I had a chance. At first I always wore a swim suit and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs bare was much pleasant than needing to wear a swimsuit. Once a woman came to the spring and I had put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and we spoke for just a bit. She went behind a stone to modify into her swimsuit, but didn’t attempt to really hide well. I could easily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we spoke for awhile and she brought up the very fact that it was fine if I needed to be clothing optional in the spring.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I think she had seen me sitting there naked before I had detected her. So I removed my swimsuit to try it out and to see what it would be like to be nude in mixed company and I believed she needed to remove her swim suit.
But she never did take off her suit in the springtime. But I was really comfortable being bare even with her not that manner. When she got out to leave, she did not trouble to go behing the stone to change, but simply put on her clothes next to the springtime. So it was quite a non-sexually charged encounter and my beginning to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of love a nude soak in a hot spring in mixed company and much prefer that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could only get the wife to be a little more at ease with this, we could really have some amazing trips when we travel. She is slowly joining me at times, but for the most part does not want to be nude around other folks. But she has gotton to the point of being nude substantially more than she used to around the house and even if we’re alone at a beach or boating. She may not fully join me being naked, but does go topless at times and does not think I am strange for appreciating being nude like at first. She believed that only perverts would appreciate being nude, but now she can understand why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I’m looking forward to some warm weather again plus nudist to be outside in the nude.

The first time I was entirely bare in public

, with strangers I did not understand around, my husband and I were on holiday. We would wake up really early, before sunrise, in order to jog on the sandy beaches while they were still abandoned.
We had ended jogging on the seashore, and stopped in a secluded cove near the resort. There, we took off our clothes and walked into the ocean. At that time, 6.00 am, the beach was deserted, the sea, level and cold. There was a large stone reef on the sand, 40 feet inland from the shoreline, where we left our garments.
We were enjoying our early bathroom when we heard a yell. We looked up and what we saw was a large number of individuals standing on the coastline. A number of them were already in the water and coming toward us! were largely teens, of both sexes, but largely males. They’d ridden bikes from a nearby town, in order to spend a couple of days at the shore by themselves. They had brought their food and they were going to camp among the trees along the shore. It was fairly apparent they were settling in to stay a good while.
We did not understand what to do! They could not believe it!
At first I was embarassed, but we started talking as well as the ice began to melt. One of them asked me if I was self-conscious. I was, but I said “no”. He called to his pals, “Hey, come and see this,” and more came. I found I was starting to love it. Maybe I was the first girl they saw nude. I like to think so in my secret fantacies.
It was ten minutes before 7:00. We had really been in the water a long time and we were chilly. And we left. I will never forget the expression of anticipation and awe I saw on their faces.
as soon as I found myself standing on the sand, nude, in the front of them, my shyness flew away. They were respecting me… and I actually appreciated being bare for them!
We had time before the cops came on their rounds to move into the trees and we stayed with them. No one got upset or angry.
We talked standing, sitting and lying on the sand for a while, drying our bodies and taking sun. They asked lots of questions: Where are you from? Where do you live?

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Are you shameless? Do you do this all the time? I was totally relaxed and I completely exposed my naked body to them.
One asked if he could shoot pictures and he did. He took pictures of the group, some of whom had discard their own clothing. He photographed my loving husband and I both alone and jointly. We gave him our postal address and cash to send the graphics and we were pleasantly suprised when they actually arrived.
My first public absolute nudity proved to be a lovely experience… I’ll never forget it. We met the group again after that day and stayed until . The following morning my husband and I, nude, bathed, talked and joked with them again. The following morning when we got up, I was saddened to see they’d gone.

Humorous nude beach encounter

This year onwards I started frequenting nude beaches, and I’d like to share the memorable experience of spending one of my very first nude beach days.
Until a couple of years back I never would have considered the attendance of the nudist beach, then it only happened. I ‘d many prejudices, which initially have slowly tapering like ice in a glass of water. Like any person who does not understand them, I saw these locations as though they had been allowed for a particular kind of folks and there was some sort of access crucial.
In fact they’re places open to all, I do not know if necessarily, but I find that the openness to all visitors is growing with every year. In my personal experience, I’ve seen only naturist beaches where folks come with families or friends to spend some time feeling real close to Mother Nature. Here, besides the costumes, many definitions fall to the ground to make room for just one term: Naturism. I also attended naturist beaches where the individuals also accept those who do not practice it.
I had never been to a nude beach before this summer. But a girl friend of mine Lisa loves this seashore and she said I only had to see it and so I consented to go. I believed that she’d prefer for the dressed part of the seashore. Instead she took me to the shore where virtually everybody was nude.
I believed I would be really embarrassed to see naked people. In fact it wasn’t exactly thus.
First, I discovered thus to say “fascinating” to see so many guys suddenly naked when up until then
I had only seen the two boys with whom I ‘d some storylines. Definitely a penis without erection
Isn’t the best of aesthetics, however, to stimulate my curiosity… And then there were among the nudist teenagers of my age, and they did not seem half bad!

I thought I ‘d be looked bothered by nude men;
I am a really pretty girl with nice breasts so I turn rather some heads in . And instead did not give me any trouble. Some of the guys looked at me with expecting that I’d take off my swimsuit and I noticed the visuals didn’t go lost on at least two of them. This kind of reaction was something astonishingly interesting and challenging to see. In summary, what I believed would be an irritating, shown anything but that.

In that little corner of paradise we went back at other times (consistent with the work obligations of my friend). And we also spent a night there, sleeping in a tent. The next morning, at daybreak, I also did something that I did not think I would ever be able.
It was around 6am, Lisa was sleeping while I took a walk to the showers. I saw a naked guy there taking his morning shower. He seemed quite pleasant!

At first I pulled myself direct by saying: It wasn’t easy, as my eyes tended to fall always there and saw that he was quite “well-hung” and not completely “unperturbed”. I know that might seem like a little thing but I never anticipated that I could never do something such as this, knowing me.

In a nutshell, the context in which I discovered myself intrigued me very much.

Additionally , I began experimenting and found it very pleasant to sunbathe topless for the sense of freedom that it gave me.

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Certainly, in this sense the behavior of others on the nude beach helped a lot. Despite some occasional glimpses, the nudists were all really nicely bred. Someone would glance at me from time to time, yes, but no one behaved the same as a maniac. It was not too different from the specific situation in the roads of the city and very reassuring for that matter. I think I am on my way to the phase 2 of nudism that’s sunbathing totally nude, but I also believe that it’ll take some time.

(Black’s Beach) I was alone, and as a man, was

a bit concerned about appearing like a perv and not wanting to be gawked at by gay men. So I chose a place on the seashore seemed relatively safe.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Not totally isolated, but not near anyone. Well, after I worked up the nerve to shed my clothing, it felt wonderful. Specially when I went in the water.

So as my nervousness was subsiding, I just had fun swimming and enjoying the water. After a few minutes I understood there were two naked young women nearby, who came to the water after me. (Mainly I realized this because suddenly there were 5 or 6 guys clumping the region too. What the heck?!) I was annoyed, feeling like I was really going to be lumped in with these other losers following the girls, though I was really there first. Well, just as I was beginning to depart the water, I recognized the girls had a waterproof camera. So decided to say something rather than just walk away uneasy. I behaved like I was a little shocked and annoyed that they had a camera there. Then walked around to them reached my hand out and proposed that I really could shoot an image of the both of them. (Keep in mind this is my very first time at a nude beach. I’m quite conservative and have never even been nude with my girlfriend. But I simply attempted to conceal it.)

Well, the long story short, they laughed and I would like to take their picture; and we stayed there and had fun in the water together for probably another 15 minutes.

What a completely awesome experience! I have gone from being frightened to take a shower in the men’s locker room at the gym, to being comfortable in my own skin around almost anyone, including those two young, attractive women. What a confidence booster!

I went to Gunnison Beach last weekend and had a amazing time meeting other people. Men, women, and couples. I still do not believe I’m ready to go au naturale with folks I know, but this is undoubtedly a liberating experience that I plan to continue appreciating.

life. But the uncertainties constantly vanished when I trekked.

experience that doubt merely melted away.
I found how “blind” I had been before, smothering practically my whole organ of touch with clothes. Hiking clothed
was like trekking with my hands over my eyes and peeking
through little slits between my fingers.
Feeling nature on every square inch of my body was exquisite. I craved the touch of the wind where it had never
touched me before. I could feel the slightest changes in temperature. The connection I felt with nature was palpable.
One summer I took a trip to Moab, Utah. I’d learned about
a trail called Negro Bill Canyon that had a tradition of bare
hiking, and I needed to check it out. The first half of the trail
Went through a tall slot canyon with a perennial stream
running through it. Trees and vegetation filled the base, and
Moab’s characteristic red stone towered above.
After the halfway stage, the trail rose above the vegetation
Austere attractiveness encircled
me—cliffs and rock formations here, a partially formed arch
there, all blazing with colour.
the end of the trail I found a small
shaded cove beneath a big arch.
Water dripped down a slit in the wall,
and I understood that trickle would become
a waterfall during a rainstorm. The
water formed a little pool in the
Center of the cove. The shadiness and
moisture cooled and refreshed Before I start writing anything else and before I .
On my way back, a storm swept in.
The sky crackled with thunder and
lightning, and the wind funneled
through the canyon. I walked through
a narrow hallway with willow-like
trees thrashing on either side of me. At
the trailhead, I lay with my nude
back against a flat,, sun-heated boulder
and chill the top of me. The sense
was indescribable!
When The best way to Have Fun Being Nude pelting me
with sand, I ran for my vehicle. It was

lunchtime by then, and I was starving.

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But there was one more
trail I needed to explore that was farther up the highway from
Negro Bill Canyon. I decided to take a quick peek at that trail
The trail is called Fisher Towers. I had learned about it in a
Publication on hiking trails in Utah. It was assumed to be a gold
mine of astounding rock formations etched by the wind over
eons. The storm had subsided, but it had done its job and
cleared any other hikers out. Nude, I stepped out of my vehicle and examined the place.
this would be an incredible hike.
I decided to walk up the trail—just a little to check it out—
Although I was starving and had left my water bottle in the
Automobile. But as I walked, more and more fascinating contours came
into view, enticing me to walk a little farther, and a little farther, and a little further. . . .
The primary formations came into view, and they were breathless. Tall towers that looked like cathedrals and grotesque
statues direct out of Lord of the Rings loomed above me. There
was an eagle head, a gargoyle, titanic sundials. One formation
looked for all the world like a Planet of the Apes version of Mt.
I had
never seen anything like it. As I hiked and admired the view, I
of naturism. I was also considering sharing the principles of
naturism with others.
before me that I cried out, “I am seeing the hand of God!”
Instantly I was blasted with an indescribable power that
washed through my whole body.
I ‘d felt the Spirit of the Lord

before, but this was more intense than anything I’d experithe bishop changed to the policy on wearing garments. He
enced in my life.
pulled out the statement the First Presidency had sent to local
And it went on. The burning engulfed me as I trekked on,
step after step, minute after minute. It wouldn’t let up. Five
me. I pointed out the sentence in that statement that says that
minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty. The trail brought
how one wears the garment is a determination between the indime higher above the Colorado River valley, and the view from
vidual and the Lord.
up there was astounding. Before me stretched never-ending miles of
day and night, and intended to for the rest of my life, but that
Reddish desert and exotic formations, and through it cut a course of
I believed naturist experiences were one of those times when
green on both sides of the river’s blue ribbon. The river
the wearing of garments was impractical, since it’s impossible
stretched across my view laterally, and then plunged away into
to wear garments when you are striving to be naked.. I told him I

First allow me to say what a great website. As a 47 y.o. man in the UK it is fascinating to read that many

of the younger posters have had a considerably more enlightened upbringing than was the norm in my day as regards nudity. Hopefully the day when public nudity becomes more acceptable is drawing nearer! My first encounters being bare were in the 60’s, the personal independence advocated by the “counter culture” was like a challenge to the organization at a time when there was a much more oppressive moral “code” as to what was socially acceptable.
Always being one to challenge the establishment I viewed nudity as an extension of the political and social outlooks I held. More individuals were prepared to be bare in public as a kind of protest and I increasingly came to think of clothes as another type of oppression. (At the time clothes was likewise a signifier of class.)
It wasn’t until I was in my twenties I ran into societal nudity. I stumbled across a naturist beach one day and it was a kind of life altering moment. It took seconds to get out of my clothing, but this was quite different to any fabric shore I Had ever been to – instead of having your own little space and no intereaction with anyone else this was really friendly, folks would come and chat and there was no feeling of discomfort about it. There was also no differentiation of class, there were individuals from many different backgrounds but no societal barriers. There were as women, singles and couples, gay and straight, and you believed you can talk to anyone.

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The one apparent lost group was younger people. Although there were families with young children there were no teens or 20’s, all the grownups were pretty much middle aged or older. Since then I spend as much time as possible nude, have become a routine beach goer, moved near the shore and organize my work so I can be on the beach as often as possible (not as frequently as I Had enjoy thanks to our climate). I’ve also shaved all body hair as it feels so much finer and affords a more even tan. My best friends are naturists and I Have met some great folks at various beaches as well as on the web.
There are some positive changes from my early days, there are more younger people from the lost age group at seashores these days. More non naturists appear more tolerant of naturists, and also the net is now a great forum to exchange thoughts.
Our media still views naturism with the same kind of “naughty postcard” image and marketing still uses nudity to sell products. Things are slowly changing though and it is nice to see sites like this helping to change attitudes. Keep up . Any comments are welcome.

I had gone over and stayed back from

the shore getting up enough nerve to go over to the shore. Eventually decided it was something I had desired to do, so walked on down, found a spot and took off my swimsuit. The following step was to get up and go play in the water that I did.

Another time was at a warm spring and there was another man there sitting in a chair nude. After sitting in the spring for awhile, I got out and enjoyed the sun naked also. At first when other people came, I’d put the towel over me, but after watching him, I had the courage to remain uncovered with the the next couple of people that came. When the top slide a little to show one breast and so she casually pulled it upward again. It looked like she wanted to join in, or at least go topless, but only could never move ahead with it.

My recent brave move was to go out nude in the yard of the condo we were staying at with my wife. She’s not into nudism and so occasionally when we are alone someone and I have gone , she isn’t quite approving. But it’s early in the year and I was longing to get some naked time in the sun, so simply walked right outside and placed on the lounge chair. With the privacy wall at this place, I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything or be upset. She joined me in her bikini and appeared comfortable with me laying out nude. Later on she took her top off which was a bit astonishing. After she slipped her bottoms off and joined me nude. Even more astonishing was the next day when we were going outside to catch some sunshine. She didn’t even trouble to set her bikini on, but just went straight out naked. Looking forward to the summer with her to see how far she’s willing to go.

One last time to connect was when I was at a small resevoir and was putting on a inflatable mat floating on the water. I ‘d on some swimwear that had some clasps, so I released the clasps and loved floating on the mat bare. There were boats going by and some others on the seashore, but it felt so fine. I’ve done this again after I got past the initial first time.

When I was about 16 or 17, I began to become what everyone has been calling a ‘closet nudist’ i slept nude

, and walked around the house naked when my family wasn’t around.
Although, not exceedingly public my first time being socially naked was after i graduated from high school. We had a terrific time, laughing and playing around, not really even thinking about that for almost all of , we hadnt seen our buddies nude.
My girlfriend and i talked about that encounter in the subsequent weeks and determined that we truly loved it. So, at the conclusion of june, my girlfriend’s parents took me with them to Nantucket for four or five days. We learned that Nantucket has a seashore with a bare section (miacomet), so we chose to take that chance. On the second or third day, we split up from her parents, and we told them that we were going to walk around town while they went on a lengthy bike ride. We headed to the beach at approximately 9 in the morning so we could get a full day in there. When we got to the shore, we were a little dissapointed because there were only about 20 people (all at least topless) in the half-mile region that we were in. So, we laid down towels near the rear of the shore, next to the dunes. Since we were both nervous, we determined that we would take off our clothes together. So we slowly took off our shirts, subsequently our shorts, then our undergarments, plus it felt amazing. The wind, the fresh atmosphere and everything. We loved it. we stayed there the entire day, doing everything, we rested, tanned, swam, met a nice old couple and had an amazing time. I never anticipated it would be quite so different from merely sleeping nude or not wearing underwear.
We sleep nude every night, and walk round the home naked most days..

Nude Occasions – Februrary 2012

Naked Events – Who would’ve thought things could get this naked in winter?
Thank you to all my actors/actresses/models who participated Sunday, and thank you to my buddy Walter for filming at our Mp4 / Photo Shoot / Pre-Superbowl Potluck Celebration! I had a terrific time with you all!
If you lost it, do not fret! Here are more chances for interesting nakedness on and off camera this month.
Thursday February 9th, 6:30 to 10:00pm, at 138 Sullivan St:
This really is not a clothing-optionalor nude occasion, but it does revolve around nude charity, which we enjoy. Bake-off competition, raffle prizes, a burlesque show..all exciting things!
Beth Nolan is having a yoga class in NJ that will be filmed and photographed for Naturally magazine. They’re looking for more women to be in it to even out the numbers. So women, if you need to do some free naked yoga and Introduction to Nudism at the same time then sign up! Phone Beth at 201 259 4376
Nude dancing performance NYC
Casting call for naked dancers!
For a dance performance entitled The Portal, showing in Manhattan, choreographer John Ollum is searching for bare dancers to be in his bit! All genders, ages, and body types. Dancing encounter is not required. To audition or learn more, contact John: ollomdance[at]
There may even be a clothing-optional night when the audience can be unclothed too! (We’ll keep you posted.)
Nude fitness course
Ongoing: Would you enjoy fitness courses? Need to go and shake it more freely than you ever have before?

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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We’re planning to start up a weekly nude fitness dance class!! Types would continue 1hr 30 minutes and comprise ab work, flexibility and straightforward movement. Cost will be around $15-$20 per group. Location: a conveniently-located studio in Manhattan. Interested? To pre-register please e-mail us at youngnaturists[at] Include your name and if you’d prefer to have class on weekends or weekdays.
For the entertainment:A humorous accessory from days when it was not the cash or What is the most courageous thing Ive done bare? Well, thats a long story worried about carrying on us
But our cigarettes! Of course!
Cigarette Holder For Nudists
[Source, including a little history of how a naturist movement in America erupted in NYC]
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