(Black’s Beach) I was alone, and as a guy, was

a bit concerned about seeming like a perv and not desiring to be gawked at by gay men. So I picked a spot on the beach looked comparatively safe. Not fully isolated, but not near anyone. Well, after I worked up the nerve to drop http://termx.net , it felt amazing. Specially when I went in the water.

So as my nervousness was subsiding, I simply had fun swimming and enjoying the water. After a couple of minutes I understood there were two bare young women nearby, who came to the water after me. (Mainly I realized this because suddenly there were 5 or 6 men clumping the place too. What the heck?!) Well, just as I was beginning to depart the water, I recognized the girls had a waterproof camera. So I chose to say something rather than just walk away embarrassing. I acted like I was a bit shocked and annoyed that they had a camera there. Then walked around to them reached my hand out and proposed that I could take a picture of the two of those. (Keep in your mind this is my very first time at a nude beach. I’m quite conservative and have never even been nude with my girlfriend.

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But I just attempted to conceal it.)

What a completely amazing experience! I’ve gone from being scared to take a shower in the men’s locker room in the gymnasium, to being comfortable in my own skin around almost anyone, including those two young, attractive women. What a confidence booster!

I went to Gunnison Beach last weekend and had a fabulous time meeting other people. Men, girls, and couples. I still don’t think I’m read y to go au naturale with people I know, but this is unquestionably a liberating experience that I intend to continue appreciating.

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