I learned something about myself that summer

If you didn’t understand me or if we were merely acquaintances, you’d likely think of me as the most uninteresting person in the world, one of those women that go through life without anyone but their closest family and friends noticing that she is even there. I’m not whining. I’m just telling you this because it’s an important section of my first nudist experience that soon grew into another first time for http://nudism-life.com . But I’m getting ahead of myself. nudist bbw was trying to tell you something about myself. I was never exceptional at all. I’m not hideous; I ‘m not the most beautiful girl on the planet. I’m not a dumbass but I am likely never going to win a Nobel Prize either. Ok, I do have a quite nice booty, but don’t tell anyone about it.
I do have a buddy, my closest friend in the whole world who’s definitely exceptional and whom I love very much, although she can get too intense at times. I suppose we balance each other good and that’s the reason we click so well. In any case, last year, she proposed that we must go to Europe and check out this great nudist beach in France. I wasn’t overly excited as you can imagine. Plus I knew that she’ll just wonder off the moment we take our bikinis off and then she will be gone and I will be left alone, naked in public for the very first time. I really don’t know about you, but for me, that is not something I was looking ahead. Yet, after a couple of weeks, she managed to grind me down and I concurred.
And would you are aware of it, the thing which I worried the most happened the very first day. She took off her bikini straight away and then went to chat with a few girls that she saw for the first time. I was alone. Still, I kept my bikini on and I was not going to take it away until she came back. A couple of feet from me, there was this gorgeous girl, all bare and so lovely that I couldn’t believe my eyes. She is an important part of this story, as you will find out.
I just could not keep my eyes off of her. I have observed girls nude before, but I never felt any interest. This was something absolutely new for me. I was checking out each inch of her body and I soon felt that I was completely and utterly wet. I was almost frightened at how brought to her I was. Without even noticing, I took off my top, just overly cool down a bit, I imagine. It was excellent.
The following day, I sort of direct my friend on the other side of the beach to ensure I can see the girl I was so mad about yesterday. She was there, naked as the first day, still so hot. My buddy took off again and this time I went totally bare. I will not tell you about how amazing it felt to swim in the ocean nude or how certainly exhilarating it was to feel the water cool off of my nipples later. I’d like to tell you that I finally mustered up the courage to speak to that girl. She was French and her name was Sophie and she was just as boring as I was. We started talking and she immediately picked up on my infatuation. She let me take an image of her, the graphic you see before you.
Now, I do not wish to turn the best experience of my life into something public and something that will ruin everything that was special about that experience, but I must brag. Specifically, the subsequent day, I had my first homosexual experience, in the woods nearby and it was everything I thought it’d be. Even more. I’ll likely never to something like that before, but Sophie will always remain my biggest love. So boring and so sexy.

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