My first time narrative is somewhat unique, at least in some ways.

I’m 37, and 7 years ago I was leaving my job, and went to Happy Hour with some co workers. By the end of the evening, it was down to me, Ron and Shelly, both of whom I worked with.
We were talking about all kinds of things, and somehow it came up that they both sleep nude. They inquired if I did, and I said yes I did, even though I did not. I actually don’t know why I said that – I suppose I didn’t want to seem game. I stayed in touch with both of those two, we were all close friends. 3 years after that, I moved in with my b/f, and I was telling Ron in an e mail the bedroom was freezing. He replied back “I figure you can’t sleep nude anymore then”. I’d forgotten all about that whole Happy Hour discussion, and I really couldn’t believe he remebered! I said something like “Yes, too chilly in my new place”, at least know I was being true. 2 years ago, I broke up with that b/f, and was very depressed. In an e-mail attempting to cheer me up, Ron said (among other things), “Now you can sleep bare again”. Once again, I really couldn’t believe he was still talking about it.
I found myself really glad that a male was thinking of my body – not that I ‘d feelings for Ron, nor he for me, it merely being alone and sad, it was nice that a man was talking about my body. I really desired to keep the bare discussions going, so I began making up stories about being naked around my flat. It was interesting to discuss, but curiously, I wasn’t really doing any of it. Eventually, I did begin to sleep bare, and loved the feeling once I woke up, and had sheets touching every part of my body. I got real curious what it would be like to be naked around others.
I found a location that held monthly pool parties in the nude. I was incredibly nervous at first, but they guaranteed me that what ever state of dress I felt finest with was fine. as soon as I got there, I decided to keep my suit on at first. beach erotic video chatted with some folks, plus it felt very comfortable. In some ways, I felt idiotic being dressed. Then low and behold who do I see, but my old buddy Shelly from that famous Happy Hour. I’ll never forget it, she was completely bare and had a huge smile. appeared so beautiful, so joyful, so uninhibited – she was everything I was hpoing to be.

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It was so distinct seeing someone from my “ordinary” world nude.
At that stage, I was overcome with a urge to show my body, so away went the suit, and I had the best time of my own life! Everyone was so open and interesting, and I loved the feel of being naked and free. Shelly presented me to some people she knew, we all had an excellent time. Since then I’ve been a regular at those pool parties and other naked occasions. It gave me the motivation to work out more, and get toned up. I am in the best form of my own life, am closer to Shelly then ever, and even found a great guy. And it was all because I was frightened to say I slept with my clothes on 7 years ago :).

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  1. Jesus, “Uncle N@sty” and “useualways,” that’s ALL you see? I see a hot woman . . . and last time I checked, this is not a PHOTOGRAPHY site! Would it be too much to simply be appreciative instead of finding the negative in everything? Get real!

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