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The grounds overall are beautiful and very nature-oriented. Next to the temple is I was on a naked sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years , a bit thin at this season, but still had some vegetation. Now it had warmed up a bit, and I took a second to appreciate the sun. I was dressed because garments are required for yoga and because it wasn’t that warm. I am uncertain why they do not offer naked yoga at a spot like this. Clothes are required for most of the indoor areas, but technically everywhere else is clothing-optional. However they seem to want to deter nudity beyond the pool area. On their site they state that Harbin is not a naturist organization, and that nudity is merely the norm around the pools and sundecks. For winter, nudity is definitely confined to the pool area, but I can’t speak for the warmer seasons. And folks appear to like the alternative because I don’t remember seeing any swimsuitst.
As far as the people, there were all kinds and all ages, with a considerable variety of young adults and 20-somethings. They let children, but there were very few. There had to be at least 100 other folks there, and the main areas were constantly buzzing with activity. We met some interesting, nice folks.
While I did yoga, Jordan went to the pools as well as sunbathed on one of the sundecks. There My wife finally consented to give was strong enough to be bare outside and even warrant some sunscreen! These decks look out on the grounds, and at night you may also lay out your sleeping bag and sleep there. So far as the pools, there was definitely a different vibe during the day. Clearly it’s somewhat tougher to attempt sexy time in broad daylight. Still, I stayed away from that warm pool.
Hiking trail overlook at Harbin Unclothed Hot SpringsPart 4 of My Naturist Blog Series: The Hunt For the Uncommon Isle Nudist-Fowl
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One good thing about being locked in my house, besides being naked all day, was having to find ways to entertain myself. My first computer was a Commodore AMIGA 500, which had no hard drive, no modem and just five-hundred kilobytes (that is KILO, not MEGA) of RAM.
I used it for word processing and drawing naked men. Anyone seeing my artwork would have supposed I was gay, but despite genuine efforts, I just couldn’t draw women. My latest hero was a Greek demigod, Dynotus, who went through four ring-binders of exotic properties, exotic women, and fighting exotic monsters with his genitals unsheathed.

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As a alone, deeply repressed child, it was simple to project myself into a character free of inhibition and my mother’s OCD, and the clothing I discovered so confining. Little could I imagine the real life adventures I would after embark upon.
Trying To Find The Nudist Fowl

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